Echol Street Initiation Tee

Echol Street is an aspiring fashion label designed to challenge perspective through storytelling, community involvement, social commentary, and art. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to use their unique expressions, but also encourage those individuals to invest in their communities by being leaders and devoted participants in the cultivation of individuality, diversity, and commitment to community. Echol Street finds inspiration from the fields it respect—fashion design, art, music, and culture—and conceptualizing these inspirations into garment design.

The name, Echol Street, was set as a figurative location that pays homage to our inspirations. In all this project is, it seeks to honor the legacies that inspired and empowered Echol Street and promote a stronger understanding that when individuals invest in themselves and come together to invest in community it is powerful and truly impacts the world.

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First Fruits


First Fruits is a part of the inaugural chapter of Echol Street—Initiation—meant to promote the stories of leaders in art, music, and fashion design.

As a major feature of Echol Street, community means everything. In a world that is so desperately seeking inspiration, First Fruits sought to honor those that have empowered the brand.

Creative Director: Cameron Ayers Avery

Photographed by: Joshaun Anderson

Stylist: Mollye Ownby